Feels like Friday

I’m so ready for the weekend to be here. It seems like it was a really long week for some reason. I guess some of it is because of the typical end of the month/quarter sales quota pressure – but I finished the quarter at 119%, so it wasn’t that stressful. Still, I’m ready to unwind a little.

Merrin mastered the recipe for Mojitos last night, so I’m hoping we can have Mound Meet-up tonight with the regular gang (K&M, J&C&M, S&m&F, and who ever can make it). I don’t think anything is confirmed yet, but I’m up for it.

I’ll be headed out of town this Sunday to New Orleans for a sales rally. There’s a lot to celebrate this year company-wide, so the opening reception is a re-creation of Jazz Fest with eight bands. The last night we’re closing Canal Street and recreating Mardi Gras complete with Krewe’s, floats, beads – the whole works. (No word on if the Girls Gone Wild video guys will be there.) For the after-party, we’ve rented out House of Blues.

Somewhere in there we’ve got a couple days of conferences and networking. Last time I went to one of these, I ended up calling Merrin at 4am to listen to me go onstage at Howl at the Moon in LA. (BTW – Calling the wife after drinking until 4am is generally Not a Good Thing™)

Long story short – I’ll be out of pocket for a few days next week. I’m really in a blogging mood, so maybe I’ll be posting like crazy until Sunday.

6 Comments on “Feels like Friday”

  1. M, all the boys except K!

    Howl at the Moon is one of our accounts, and I think House of Blues might be too. If so, you better show me some support.

  2. If you get some discretionary time during the, shall we say, more respectable hours of the day, let me know.