Xbox price drop

XBoxMicrosoft is announcing a price drop on the Xbox starting tomorrow, March 30th. The price will go from $179 to $149. I had previously seen notes that this was coming, but that it was going to be a Wal-Mart only deal. This article doesn’t mention Wal-Mart specifically, so it looks like it’s going down in price everywhere.

I had thought to buy an Xbox a couple weeks ago. I’m glad I waited.

5 Comments on “Xbox price drop”

  1. I think Olivier paid about that at christmas, there was a lower price in the shop and when we used their store card….. As a parent I’m amazed at the prices of the games. He’s become really good at trawling the internet for the lowest prices.

  2. Yeah, the game prices are a bit high. That being said, they tend to fall pretty quickly. Games that were $50 when they come out fall to about $10-$20 within 6 months or so.

    Ditto the “hmmm…..”

  3. Or you could go by GameStop or Movie Trading Company and buy games for 9.99. The Trading company is hard to beat. That’s where I’ve been buying all my games recently. Don’t you already have a PS2?

  4. Santa bought me the Xbox Grand Theft Auto and some other games. SO the price match doesnt matter to me much. It does if the console breaks 😀