Startup Applications – Can I delete that?

Ever wonder what causes your computer to slowdown so much after you’ve had it for a while? Well, if you’re Windows computer has lost it’s perk here’s an application and a file list that can speed up your Windows computer again.

First, check out this freeware app called Autoruns. It will show you ever application and file that’s set to run on Startup. Now the big question – which ones can you delete?

Rather than just going through and deleting the ones you don’t recognize, check out Paul Collins’ fairly complete list of Startup Applications. You can search through the list at the top of the page and quickly find what needs to stay and what’s safe to get rid of!

If you aren’t sure a program is unneededโ€”leave it! The Startup Applications List may provide instructions for removing the startup program. If available, you should follow those instructions instead of just deleting the link directly from Autoruns.