More on the W Hotel Dallas

Here’s a little more info on the new W Hotel for Dallas. Groundbreaking (well, underground parking garage digging) will get started this week. The opening date is still the first quarter of 2006.

The hotel/condo combo will be a 31-story, wedge-shaped tower — lots of glass and stainless steel, and a signature cantilevered wing on the rooftop.

The first 15 floors of the 31-story tower will be for hotel rooms and suites, and floors 17 to 30 will be condos. The 31st floor will house the Ghost Bar – similar to the bar atop the Palms casino resort in Las Vegas.

The tower’s first floor will have a restaurant featuring a yet-to-be-named celebrity chef, a lobby bar and a dozen retail stores, predominantly fashion retail, including apparel, accessories and shoes.

The 15th floor, tehcnically the top of the “hotel portion”, will be designated the “Texas floor,” with super-size everything. The ceilings will be 11 feet high, and the beds will be eight feet long – nicely targeted at those NBA teams headed to the AAC. The 16th floor will have The Bliss Spa (which Starwood owns) and Infinity Pool.

That’s about it for now.

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  1. Well, hotel interest comes and goes. In fairness, it’s probably a fairly small circle, but –for a hotel like the W (where there are very few and they are very trendy), it’s certainly a cool focus item.

    As far as expensive goes, it’s really a personal matter. For me, paying anything over $50 seems high – but I work for a resort compnay and travel is a great benefit. In a lot of cities, $200 isn’t that high for a four-diamond hotel, especially one with a little cachet.

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