Working Late Dinner Scruples

I’m giving great pause tonight before dining solo. Merrin is working late and I think I’m on my own. That’s a shaky supposition, though. I’d hate for her to have a really long day and arrive home anticipating dinner together, only to find I’ve eaten. Worse, I really want to eat the outstanding leftover pork chops she made last night. Then I think, “Wow. Maybe that’s what she’s thinking, too.” What to do?

And she wonders why I go without dinner at all some nights?!

10 Comments on “Working Late Dinner Scruples”

  1. Oh! I know exactly how you feel! It’s such a stressful debate too. I’ve gone many nights without dinner for that very reason.

  2. Okay, so here’s the thing:
    I’ve pondered some such “left-over” issue…I’ve left left-overs for the husband…Then I forgot about it, and then found it…in a semi decomposed state because the scoundrel didn’t eat it!

    But, we’re talking about sweet Merrin…Aw, cook for two and be done with it! Just get a double helpin’ of beanie weenies and a salad!

    Just kidding, but that really is nice of you, you know, to be so considerate…Husband is pretty considerate of me, that way except when he had the nerve to eat my tuttifrutti jelly belly’s right in front of my face…one by one! Wait! We were talking about left overs….


  3. Hope you got to eat. This is why we discuss this every morning and call each other if things change. Then either one of us knows whether and when to eat 🙂

  4. Well, did you eat them? Lucky for me there are only a few left over things that Camille will eat. I can usally tell because the “disappear”. She like to hide things that she doesn’t want to share, reminds me of this story i heard…

  5. OK – So I ate one of the pork chops and was still hungry. Rather than eat the other chop, I just made some taco meat and piled some cheese on it. Not much for show, but it worked in a pinch.

    When Merrin got in, she was totally beat. She’s working way too hard. That being said, I don’t think she ate the other pork chop.

    Long story short, I was in the clear to have eaten it.

    LoneAggie – y’all discuss eating leftovers every morning?! Such sweet pillow talk!

  6. Okay, so I’m a day late, but I really do appreciate you leaving the rest of the leftovers for me. That being said, I made the pork chops especially for you, since you have to put up with a few weeks of me not being home to cook for you (or, at the very least, being too exhausted when I finally get home to do anything more than take a shower and go to bed).
    Thanks so much for thinking about me! You take such good care of me, and I would be lost without you!