Burn your mouth and your CDs at Starbucks

In addition to the exceptional hot coffee and frequently warmish “hot” chocolate, Starbucks is set to introduce in-store CD burning in 2,500 stores in the next two years. The first store should be ready to roll next week – March 15th.

via Gizmodo: Using HP tablet PCs, customers will be able to listen to and choose from over 250,000 songs, which can then be burned to disc, complete with custom label, while waiting for their latte to be fluffed.

Gizmodo asks if there is really a legit market for this. Normally, I’d say no. But then again, I wouldn’t think you could talk people into paying $5.00 for coffee. I think there is a potential out there for people on the road and folks without the hardware to actually use Starbucks for this purpose. Starbucks has done a great job in selling some cds in-store, so why wouldn’t it work? It’s definitely an outside the box idea.

((Pun alert)) Stay tuned to this burning issue! ((/pun alert))