Happy Birthday, JoJo!

Today is my grandma’s birthday. I have to go work at the Dallas Bridal Show for a little while today (manning the booth), so I won’t get to call her until later tonight. Hope she’ll be home and not out partying too late!

Y’all wish my grandma a happy birthday if you see her!

Happy Birthday, JoJo!

5 Comments on “Happy Birthday, JoJo!”

  1. Working five hours in a booth at the bridal show has only confirmed for me that there truly is someone for everyone. Who knew that you could piercings & facial rings for formal events?

  2. Oh yeah, and it also taught me that five hours is 300 minutes…or 18,000 seconds. Not that I was counting or anything.

  3. Another Bridal show, is it Brides weekend or something over there in the States?

    I know the feeling of working out the seconds!