Funny Mr. Picassohead

'The Boy' by KevinI found the “Create Your Own Picasso” link over at Booboolina. This is my attempt at a masterpiece. Not very good. I did find that you can search by “artist” (and I’m using that term very loosely) or by title. Mine is called ‘The Boy’ and I was basically just messing around. When you browse the gallery, though, there are actually some pretty good ones. The site ought to be a great time killer at work this week!

10 Comments on “Funny Mr. Picassohead”

  1. well done kevin. perhaps you’ll be selling pieces to the MoMA sometime in the near future? πŸ˜‰


  2. Kevin: Thanks for sharing this link. Tell me though… how were you able to get the actual picture that you created on that site to show up on your own site? I was expecting the finished product to include some code so I could copy and paste it myself into an entry on my own Blog (that’s how I assumed you were able to do it). Any suggestions?

  3. The “trick” as it were, is that I took a screenshot of the page and then cropped the image down to just the “art”. Then I reduced that down to a thumbnail.