5 Comments on “I’m back now.”

  1. I love Southwest. The fare is reasonable and the employees are so nice and eager to help. It is the only airline where I’m not afraid of the flight attendants.

  2. OK. #1 There’s no first class, there’s no business class, there’s just “cattle class”. #2 At least American coach has a little more room on most of the flights. #3 I have tons of AA miles, so what good does 2 or 3 Southwest roundtrips do me? None, that’s what.

    The flight attendants on American flights have always been great to me, but I kinda have a knack with people in the service industry or older ladies. Luckily for me, American flight attendants generally meet both requirements. 🙂

    Finally, Southwest flies out of Love – which is a dreadful nightmarish place that should be closed. The roads around there are bad enough to bend an axle. Plus, I’m a non-stop kind of guy. Unless I’m going just around the corner – nonstop ain’t happening on Southwest.

    Finally, ever try somewhere with more than one airport? Southwest is almost always at the “wrong” airport – which generally resembles the mall that all the cool kids forgot 10 years ago so all that’s left in it Chess King, a halloween costume store, and a pet store.

  3. Damn, Kevin! You never used to be so snobby!!!!! Is this my influence? If so, I’m sorry. Sometimes, cow class is the only way to go.

  4. Nice points but I like SW. Hey you can always get some magazines with your miles 🙂

    Next time we go out remind me to tell you the story of how I almost destroyed the airport with my truck one night.

  5. 1) SW flies into smaller airports because they choose their destinations by a maximum turn around flight time. If they can’t get in and out fairly fast, they don’t fly there. So I have been told by several SW employees.

    2) I hate SW’s colors… as a designer I could rant about it for several paragraphs.

    3) nf0: I have to hear that story.