Long Day

Whew! What a long day!

I drove over to Fort Worth to help Merrin‘s uncles move her grandmother’s things into her new place. Loading U-Haul trucks sucks! We were distributing some things to their new homes today as well. The whole “Kevin the Moving Man” thing lasted just about six hours – but six hours of moving is enough to wear me out. (Well, that and the home brew beer that Jim had me try. Whoa!)

Once I got home, I noticed that it wasn’t raining – kind of an oddity here recently. Since I had the chance, I pulled out the mower and hit the backyard before Merrin got home from work. It’s really looking nice as the bermuda has grown in quite nicely in the back and front. It’s amazing what two weeks of rain will do for it, I guess.

Afterwards, Merrin & I went to Steak-n-Shake for dinner. MMMM!

Then it was back to the house for some football and church (FSU football). But, I’ll spare you the details for now and follow this up with a post at Fanblogs and another FSU post & graphic in the morning. See ya!

4 Comments on “Long Day”

  1. We are so sorry for Dad’s loss…..
    In other news, it didn’t look like you were exactly hurting when I got home, especially after downing the better part of a case of beer.