Month: September 2003


Inknoise has put together Layout-o-matic, in the spirit of List-o-matic to make CSS layouts easier for all of us. So, if I ever get around to that much rumored redesign, this should be helpful.

FSU vs Duke

I’m looking forward to this game, but I gotta warn ya – this one could get ugly in a hurry. After this week’s game, we all have to start watching the weather channel because there’s a Hurricane watch on the horizon! Go ‘Noles!

Geek News

Dell announced today that they are expanding their product line. Dell will add a new line of flat screen TVs, a new Axim X3 handheld (including a wireless version), and a new music device and online service (similar to the iPod & iTunes). In loosely related news, Apple’s iTunes will be available for Windows users …

I don’t remember college being like this

Four University at Buffalo students have injured themselves falling or jumping out of bunk beds in the first month of school, an unusually high total that concerns school officials. In response, UB administrators are warning students to be careful when using the beds, and the school is ordering guard rails to install on all beds …