Labor Day weekend is for geeks!

I went ahead and installed some new toys this weekend. First, I (finally) added that 60GB hard drive that I got with my Dell coupon for $20. Quite a deal I’d say.

I also added an HP DVD Writer (DVD300i) as a R+/RW+ burner. It also burns cdr/cdrw, so I just replaced my other cd burner and left the standard dvd drive intact. The HP install was pretty simple. XP Pro just recognized the drives, auto-updated the drivers, and I was ready to go without even having to use the HP install CD. Everyone says the drive rocks but the software sucks, so I probably won’t ever crack open the HP software.

I also “happened upon” a copy of DVD X Copy Xpress, so I’ve already backed up my “Old School” dvd. That was flawless. I’m on cloud 9. Now to “archive” some Tivo recordings to dvd.

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