FSU rolls UNC


In one game, FSU answered every question I had for the past 11 months. The Seminoles are back.

FSU drilled the Tarheels last night at UNC…and so it begins. This was FSU’s first opening day shutout since 1993 and that squad went on to a national championship. Now, I know it’s just the first game and I understand that UNC certainly isn’t Miami, but — watch the tape. FSU was almost flawless and this is just game one.

Rix was pinpoint accurate and very smart with the ball. Greg Jones showed that he’s back after an ACL injury. He delivered the most incredible hit I’ve ever seen a running back put on a defender last night when he barrelled downfield for 21 yards and then hit a UNC defender square in the mouth with a forearm shiver. The UNC defender went flying backwards about four yards and lost his helmet. It’s all over ESPN this morning.

This was a moire than just a season opener for FSU. The seniors begged Bowden to let them wear all white (they haven’t since 1991) to mark this game as a “statement game”. Message delivered, kiddies — FSU is back. A lot of people are calling this the “Paybacks are Hell” tour. UNC definitely got what was coming to them after embarrasing FSU two years ago. I was a little disappointed that Bowden took his foot of the gas later in the game, but there was never any question that UNC was whooped.

Next up is Maryland at home. UM took it on the chin this week in looking ahead to FSU so I know they’ll be pumped, but after watching last night’s FSU game – the ‘Noles are more than ready for the challenge. Go ‘Noles!

3 Comments on “FSU rolls UNC”

  1. I was pleasantly surprised by FSU. They looked like they had gotten some of the swagger back. And man, what a pop Greg Jones put on the UNC defender during that run. Talk about running with authority!