New 120GB Tivo/DirecTV DVRs coming soon

Two new “DirecTivos” or (more correctly) DirectDVRs with Tivo are coming to market shortly. They are essentially the same as the “Series II DirecTivo” that has been available for about a year, but the new units will have an upgraded hard drive of 120GB instead of the standard 40GB. The units are being sold under the Samsung and Hughes names, although they are reportedly made by the same folks (at the same location) as the existing Series II units that are marketed as Hughes, Philips, RCA, and Samsung. No word on whether a Philips/RCA branded DVR will be available with the standard 120GB drive. The 40GB units had approximately 35 hour capacity and were set for “best” mode as a standard. With the 120GB drive, DirecTV customers can except approximately 100-105hours of recording capacity.

So, if you’ve been wanting an expanded Tivo unit for your DIrecTV service and were wimping out on doing the upgrade yourself, here’s the perfect DVR for you. And, if you’re not a DirecTV subscriber, here’s yet another “what’s wrong with you” message as DirecTV finishes #1 (yet again) in the J.D. Power Survey.

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