Did police prevent another 9-11?

This WorldNetDaily story gives me pause. Here’s a few excerpts that are especially worrisome:

The behavior and characteristics of 19 Pakistani men arrested in Toronto bear striking similarities to the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers, including the use of fraudulent student visas, the attendance of flight school and an association with a Muslim charity flagged by authorities for having ties to al-Qaida.

Among the examples of suspicious behavior listed in the document, one man is currently taking commercial pilot lessons to qualify as a multi-engine commercial pilot but his instructors describe him as an “unmotivated student” who has been training for almost three years even though the “average timeframe for qualification is approximately one year.”

The flight path of the training flies over the Pickering nuclear power plant.

In April, two other “associates of the group” were deemed suspicious when police found them outside the gates of the Pickering plant.

According to Canadian officials, the detainees “appear to reside in clusters of 4 or 5” and “change residents in clusters. The residences kept a “minimal standard of living” with most only consisting of a mattress and computer. One “cluster left an apartment during the night and discarded all of their belongings: mattresses, clothing and computer shells, apparently taking only the computer hard drive upon vacating the apartment,” reported officials.

The probe was sparked when an immigration officer was unable to verify the applicant was a student at the “college,” as he purported to be on his application. He also had a bank balance with more than $40,000 but no “identifiable source of income.”

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