Updating ye ol virus scanners

Just a heads up for all you Windows folks. There are a lot of email virii (virus-es-es-es!) running around right now. My scanner picked up six attachments as virii this morning. I haven’t received six all year.

If you need a free, top-notch, always updated scanner, please look into AVG from Grisoft. It’s what I use and it’s pretty good. (Did I mention it’s free?!)

UPDATE: This is part of a very large virus infection. Please, please update your scanners.

3 Comments on “Updating ye ol virus scanners”

  1. Total of 46 copies of virus messages yesterday. Scary stuff.

    And for my Mac friends, there are plenty of Mac virii – but (like most things Mac) there just aren’t a lot of new ones out there because there’s not much of a market for it. πŸ™‚