The good stuff’s in the cellar

Just one more site note and then we’re off to the races with the “new” blog.

All the old entries are still up, online, and in the exact same location as always. If you’re looking for a post, here’s some helpers:

Full Archives — This spans both blogs, so if I ever posted it, it’s there
Search the Site — Full search is available

Thanks and sorry.

3 Comments on “The good stuff’s in the cellar”

  1. My MT DB was getting pretty full in the old blog. It had a couple years worth of entries over a couple of versions of MT, and just over 1,000 commnets. Just starting from scratch to make my rebuilds a little easier.

    No changes or anything, although I may go for another skin or pull out one of the six or so you’ve seen over the past two years.

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