Rocco’s hit by Health Department

Apparently starting a new restaurant isn’t just American Express commercials and hanging with the Coor’s Light Twins. According to public records, the New York City Health Department has found multiple violations at celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito’s new Manhattan restaurant.

I kinda doubt this makes into an episode of the NBC reality series “The Restaurant”, because the health department found “evidence of live flies” in the kitchen prep area, metal spoons stored in a “container of greasy stagnant water”, leaving wiping cloths “soiled with old food particles,” on a counter top, not having a self-closing door on the employee toilet, not having a light cover in a walk-in refrigerator to catch glass if the bulb broke, missing tiles in the dish washing area and one missing in the food-prep section.

So, just add “fly in my soup” or a food-poisoning outbreak to potential story lines. Go-go-gadget Tivo!

5 Comments on “Rocco’s hit by Health Department”

  1. Yeah, Smoking Gun reported that earlier in the week and I was surprised only because there are cameras everywhere. You would think they would be extra careful.

    I was wondering about all that “hand rolled” meat for the meatballs. Now that grossed me out to watch on TV. I know it happens but I did not like watching it.

    I love the show though..I am hooked!

  2. Ewwww… whenever I think about what really goes on behind the scenes in restaurants (I worked at a few in the college years), it makes me never want to eat out again. Then I call Papa John’s for some comfort food, and I get over it… πŸ˜‰

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