I’m being transformed by gay men

OK. So far this year I’ve come clean with the info that I can’t remember my phone number (and still can’t!) and that I don’t recycle. My latest confession is…IMHO…just as twisted and disturbing – so I appreciate your patience with me.

Here goes:

I’m being transformed by gay men.

I’m 30 years old and I think I’m just starting to find my stride. But the whole process is being helped along by a TV show. That’s right – the Fab 5 are slowly changing my life. So far, I think it’s a change for the better. Don’t read too much into this – I’ll always be living on “straight street”, but I have started taking their advise to heart and using it in my life.

Up until a week or so ago, I would dry my hair out of the shower, style it, and add a little hair spray for general hold. (Oh God this feels like I’m sharing way too much. But it is one of my confessional posts – please don’t rip me too hard.)

Note to self: Never use phrase “please don’t rip me too hard” in the same month as posting about the Fab 5 – otherwise google will pound you like day one at Sing Sing. Noted.

I didn’t ever use gel in my hair because I didn’t know the right way to use it or how much to use. Maybe some guys have sit downs with their Dad’s about hair gel, but I missed that at my house – so I just had no idea how to use it. And then, Kyan taught me about “product”. So, a week or so ago I started using hair gel out of the shower. It’s been a real difference. My hair looks better and is much softer & relaxed. I even think I’m a little better looking that way. Bonus!

Aside: Everything that Kyan talks about on the show is “product”. He never calls it hair gel, or toothpaste, or whatever. It’s always product. So, I too have taken to calling everything “product”. That being said – it does make the shopping list a little confusing. (Eggs, Milk, Product, Product, Product, etc)

So now I’m using more product as a face scrub. Who knows what product I’ll adopt next.

And then yesterday, it happened again. We were at the Old Navy Outlet. It was Tax Free Weekend. The outlet…on sale…tax free. Yeah, I was probably going to buy some stuff. In fact, I really intended on buying a couple knit polos and a casual pair of khaki shorts. (If you are curious about this look, just check any picture every posted to the photo album. It’s my “uniform”.) But – instead of grabbing more of the same – I tried to find something that branched out a little. Sort of my clothes after some delicious Hansens Energy drink. (C)

So, I ended up with some very hip ~ striped, ringer tee’s and a pair of cargo shorts. This may not seem like much to you – but to me, it’s like the allied liberation of Belgium is going on in my closet. Heck, I don’t even know if what I bought is “in”, I just know it’s a branch out and I really don’t want to always look like the 50 year old dad. I’m not saying I want to dress like a high-school kid, but I would like to try to remain within stylistic reach of Gen X.

So there you have it. I’m either wrapped up in my own skin or breaking out like a butterfly. Regardless, it’s starting. Be gentle, Fab 5.

11 Comments on “I’m being transformed by gay men”

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  2. AAwww, there ya go, it wasn’t so hard now was it? … SO where are the pics of you in “your new outfit”? Can we see?

  3. Yes, pictures! I haven’t watched anything the Fab 5 have done, but I have to admit that gay men usually have the best style. 🙂 Enough to make *me* jealous, anyhow! 😉

  4. No. You are insane. I don’t think there will be any “runway” photos. But – if it sticks – then you’ll notice a difference in future shots.

  5. I’m so proud! Products are great! I have tons in my bathroom closet. TONS. I am lovin that you got a ringer and some cargos! How cute is that?

    Oh yea. BTW, I’m thinking if things go well for me next week, I’ll be making a new purchase as well. I guess I’ll give that one company a call….what’s their name? Courtyard something….

  6. Wow… for a guy that may have crossed the line toward too much information. jk. I had some experiences on our trip that were growth inspiring as well, will try to write one up this morning.

  7. That is a seriously low blow, Camille. I could tolerate you confusing the Four Seasons or something legit….

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