The Hulk is a bastard

The Hulk is a bastard. I hate that guy. I know it’s not entirely his fault – he just gets angry and then you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry and yada-yada-yada.

Apparently someone in Albertsons said/did something that upset Mr. Green y Ugly because he went ape-shit on my poor defenseless Taco Dinner Kit. Apparently the wise crackers at Kraft thought putting the Hulk on the outside of my taco box was a good idea. Well, the little toy prize inside the taco kit thought otherwise. The Hulk busted all my taco shells. Bastard.

Merrin had planned a really nice dinner and when I was headed home from work, I talked her out of it in favor of a junk food night. I was so primed because I *love* my junk food taco night. Then I open up the box and there’s The Hulk (Hulk? The Hulk? Mr. The Hulk? Mr. Hulk?) staring up at me amid 12 busted taco shells. Words cannot express my anger.

Damn you, Mr. The Hulk.

6 Comments on “The Hulk is a bastard”

  1. He hates tacos.

    Be not mad at the green angry fists of the mashing bashing Mr. The Hulk. Besides, he saved you from what could have possibly be stale shells.

  2. LOL! (And while Mr. The Hulk might have been suggesting taco salad, I don’t think it compares with junk food tacos. Yum!) 😉