Blog Changes

Depending on my mood, the weather, the location of the planets, and several other discretionary factors, I may undertake a drastic or hardly-noticeable change at the blog. I haven’t done a skin since mid-march (in fact all the skins are gone right now!) so I’m itching for a redesign. (Have a suggestion? Hit the comments, please!)

I’m also considering starting a new blog because the rebuilds are getting a little less manageable with 800+ entries – even with the sql database on the backend. So, if you stop by this week and do/don’t recognize the place – don’t be alarmed. 🙂

3 Comments on “Blog Changes”

  1. rebuild? you gots to rebuild with mt? one of the reasons i went with pmachine is that it seemed easier than mt. no ideas on the skin though. i am not much help today.