Open Comment URLs in new window

Really simple, but it has definitely been bugging Merrin & I for a while. I think the Redhead was having a little trouble with it, too. Here it is for all to enjoy!

The goal was to be able to open urls that were posted in comments in a new window instead of the actual (tiny) comment window. A couple little html tweaks and we’re finished:

In the Comment Listing Template, add the following between <HEAD> and </HEAD>:

<base target=”_blank”>

Then, find the line that begins <form method=”post” and add the following just after:


so it looks more like this:

<form method=”post” target=”_self” action=”

Note: You’re simply adding target=”_self” to the form tag. You don’t need to add/delete anything else from the form tag.

Presto-chango! Now all links will open in a new window!

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