Allow Images in Comments

After upgrading to MT 2.63 or so, I lost the ability to have images posted within comments on my blog. Camille and I discussed it way back when and never got past this stupid little obstacle. Well, I finally bothered to check the settings and I’ve got a solution.

To allow images in your comments in Movable Type, change the Preferences page within the Weblog Config. Instead of “Use Defaults” in the Sanitze Specs, select “Use my settings” and enter the following:

a href,b,br/,p,strong,em,ul,li,blockquote,img src

Rebuild all pages of your blog. Ta-da!

Note: The Help in MT suggests you not monkey around with the Sanitze Specs too extensively. Using my change we are basically set up to allow links, font formatting (bold, underline, etc), line formatting, and images — nothing more. If you muck things up beyond all recognition, switch back to the “Use Defaults” setting and try it again!

10 Comments on “Allow Images in Comments”

  1. Let’s see if I can get an image to show up here. How about whatever my “now playing” image currently is?

    Yep. It works.

  2. Ahhh ok. I’ll take your word on that… I can’t even get blogger to work…lol…and all I was supposed to do is push buttons… Until this online thing I was a number one, champion button pusher… maybe when I learn all the right buttons I, too can have MT… (definitly dreaming here)

    Hope your golf game was awesome today.

  3. Oh, this is very good stuff! You rock… ‘m off to muck with the templates… Not sure about using the img src but everyting else and the target stuff from the previous post it what I have been meaning to do. I’ll link to both tomorrow.

  4. Images in comments are great. People can link stuff in, do smilies, etc, etc. I used to have images in my comments way back when and it was always a lot of fun.

  5. Here’s my full list — just in case you want target=”_blank” and the like as well:

    * align,center,p,s,strike,br,br/,a href,b,title,img src,* onMouseOver,* onMouseOut,* onclick,* target,font color,alt,b,u,i,strong,em,ul,li,border,blockquote

  6. Great tip, Kevin!
    One thing – if you have a version of MT you’ve upgraded many times, the GlobalSanitizeSpec will not be in your MT.cfg file, so you need to add it in along with the allowed HTML in order to override the Sanitize defaults.