Ringing Endorsements

Sometimes I get emails from my family (and extended families!) saying, “Have you ever bought anything from {insert-name-here}.com?” Well, in response, I’m here to say that these are the sites I’ve used & recommend. There are a lot that aren’t on this list – so perhaps this will become a recurring category, who knows?!

  • Ofoto – Simply the best online photo/film developer on the internet. I’ve tried a lot of sites and the pictures from Ofoto always come back looking the best. The pricing is pretty competitive. Very highly recommended.
  • Netflix – I despise Blockbuster’s ridiculous late fee structure, so Netflix is a natural. We have been members for about two years and we’ve never had a problem. There are a lot of different membership levels depending on how many movies you want to have out at once. The shipping is usually 1-2 days to receive the DVD and it comes in it’s own postage-paid envelope to return it when you’re done. You can click here for a free trial. Very highly recommended.
  • VisionDirect.com – Merrin wears contacts and they are ridiculously expensive at the eyeglass store/doctor’s office. This is not the company that Wonder Woman does commercials for. We’ve bought contacts from VisionDirect three times and they’ve always been great for pricing & delivery. They also do some promotional emails when it’s time to order new lenses so you can save an extra $5-$10 just by being a repeat customer. Highly recommended.
  • 1800petmeds.com – Pet owners rejoice! 1800petmeds is everything it’s cracked up to be. You can order the same medicines that you’re doctor recommends/prescribes for 20-40% less. If it’s a prescription medicine, you may need a copy of the vet’s prescription – so make sure you get one! Very highly recommended!
  • Rudi’s Pottery – If you have to order Denby, Waterford, Lenox, or Noritake for yourself or someone else, this is the best place. Great prices – exceptional selection and fast delivery. We filled out our entire bridal registry over the years with purchases from Rudi’s and they’ve been great. Very highly recommended.
  • Amazon – The 800lb gorilla of the internet is also one of the better online shopping experiences. I’ve probably ordered from them 20 times and I’ve never had a single problem. Great communication throughout the order process. I don’t think there’s too much that you can’t buy on Amazon these days! My one gripe with Amazon is that the “gift wrapping” is usually nothing more than a printed Amazon box. I wish they offered a broader gift wrap option. Highly recommended.
  • Collin Street Bakery – A Texas legend, Collin Street Bakery has some of the absolutely best food out there, period. Fast delivery, exceptional quality, and really nice gift options. What would a holiday be without a gift from Kevin via Collin Street Bakery?! Very highly recommended.

    One more tip and then I’ll close for now: I cannot find a decent online florist. I’ve tried them all and I will only use them for convenience. The flowers (especially Proflowers.com whom I want to love but they keep burning me!) are hit and miss. Sometimes great – sometimes crap. I’m much more prone to just call a florist and have them do the FTD thing. Yes, I could FTD.com on my own, but I generally don’t. I think the florist calling the other florist seems to have better results because they can say, “No – those don’t look good right now, get these.”

    As always, your mileage may vary!

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    1. Um..because I didn’t have your address?

      Add this to your list. I don’t know how well they are with their shipping, but their smoked turkeys are the best! I grew up eating ’em and don’t like any other turkey during the turkey holiday’s. We buy the smaller ones 6-7lbs. My mom says they have more flavor. All I know is that they’re damn good!

    2. You left off the tidbit that Collin Street Bakery is known around the globe for their fruitcakes. Not that I’m a big fan of the fruitcake, but I hear that if you like them – those are the best!