Fun with Wife: Weekend Edition

Me: Merrin, come look at this. I replaced the sprayer for you on the kitchen faucet.
Wife: ((reading and walking into kitchen)) What?
Me: See?!
Wife: ((now showering)) AH! ((laughing)) Let me see it!
Me: Not on your life.

5 Comments on “Fun with Wife: Weekend Edition”

  1. Kevin,

    May I steal your date overlay on the day of week? The only way I know what day it is is by the blog and the date overlayed on the day makes sense (it also looks good).

    Wish I had thought of it first…

    Oh, and cool Texan button. Not Texan here but is it up for grabs? OK to borrow 🙂

  2. One word: Wet t-shirt. Okay, that was two words. Fork me. (not the bad kind!!) Like, stab me with a fork for not counting words correctly.

    You do somethin’ nice for her and I’m suspicious. And there was Merrin just lovin’ you up for it and I KNEW IT! There had to be a reason…*;)