I don’t want to save daylight anymore

OK. Daylight saving time can now go away. Go on…scoot! First, it’s too damn hot all day. I was driving home and the little digital sign at the bank said 114 degrees. 114 degrees! Isn’t that a little excessive?! Seriously.

To make matters worse, my job has caught on to the fact that there are more daylight hours. This used to be a great thing because you could hit golf balls after work or whatever. But now it seems like I’m working longer and longer every day. This is making me a very grumpy camper. Not good at all. I think I need Kevin Saving Time to kick in real soon. I’m gonna have to take a mental holiday here pretty soon if this keeps up.

Hey, I know I’m a whiner. I know I’m spoiled to death in my cushy office job – but it’s looking like it’s going to be 13 days straight of 11 hour days before I get any time off. Not cool.

Let’s just run away. I know I promised ice cream talk today. I can’t. I’m too beat. But – just for you – I’m going to eat some ice cream and that research will make tomorrow’s ice cream even more intriguing! 🙂

3 Comments on “I don’t want to save daylight anymore”

  1. At least in the South they have A/C. My first week in SF they have a heat wave and I was being roasted alive in my apt.

    I should have drove around, at least my car still has a/c

  2. Better to be a whiner than a wiener. I’m ready for it to get dark earlier, too. Hang in there, Kevin!

  3. You could move to Indiana. I doubt any bank thermometers there have ever read 114 deg., and Indiana doesn’t have daylight savings time. I went to school there for a year, and it was funny trying to remember if I was in the same time zone as my folks in Texas, or an hour ahead.