I’m only gonna say this once

I’m only gonna say this one time.

A lot of people have learned the hard way. So much so, that you cannot go anywhere in the world without running into someone that knows the saying: “Don’t Mess with Texas”.

You had seriously better plan something else because I can promise you that a serious boot will be stuck quite deeply into a lot of people’s asses if anything ever happens here.

5 Comments on “I’m only gonna say this once”

  1. If you mess with Texas expect a full out war. Not to mention we all carry guns and we will satisfy a craving for vengeance 🙂

  2. Yeah. It would not be good. I alwayes enjoied the scene in Red Alert II where the Russians invaded through Mexico. I always thought to myself, “If that really happened, we’d all be sitting outside on our porches picking them off with our deer rifles as they passed.”

  3. You know, the idea of another terrorist attack isn’t funny at all…but the visual of a bunch of texans, walking around in their boots and big ass hats, shooting moron terrorists is kind of pleasing.