Server Time Settings

Somehow my server time settings are now off by 7 ½ hours. GRR. Perhaps I have been moved to a new server. Who knows? Not me. Anyway…if they don’t get it fixed, I’ll adjust it myself, but – in the meantime – subtract 7 ½ hours from all my posts. K?

2 Comments on “Server Time Settings”

  1. First, I think my Safari has issues with showing me someones updated page. For example, I check your site out every day, at least twice, and for the last three days, all I’ve seen is your Simpletracks post. Then last night….wallah, there was more – that should’ve been there before!! Which leads me to my point…

    I was about to ask you if I needed to start subtracting about 7.5 hours to each post to know when you really posted it when I finally saw this!

    You need a new server. I need a new browser (but I really like Safari).

  2. It just started doing this last night or so. I don’t know why. My MT settings are for the correct offset – I checked my other sites on the server and all their logs are off. Hmm…time to check out the server settings. ((groan))