One is the loneliest number

Well, tonight is the night. That’s right it’s the Harry Potter release. What does that mean? Besides the community interest tv clips live from your local Barnes & Noble, it means that hundreds of kids are up way too late to buy a book at midnight. For me, it means something completely different completely. It means that the wife won’t be home until close to 3am. 🙁

And, as much as I would love to be the guy who takes advantage and goes on a raging “guy’s night out”, it’s just not in me. Maybe I’m too tired. Maybe I’m too old. Maybe those are just lame excuses and the truth is that I really don’t get have that much fun without my best friend in tow. Yeah, I’d say that one is closer to the truth. And I’m still slowly recovering from the Monkey SARS. (I can’t believe I’m still having coughing fits 12 days later!)

So, it’s just me and the dogs. I guess we’ll settle in for a little Tivo and internet. But, as Chloe demonstrates, I’m sure all four of us will be doing a fair share of this.

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