Level Red, Smchevel Red

There’s a Level Red pollution watch in effect today. Basically it means you shouldn’t go outside or your lungs may eventually…I don’t know…implode and kill you or something.

Well, Level Red, Schmevel Red, I say. Have they seen my yard? I either cut the grass this morning or become the shame of the neighborhood. No way, Jose. Not this weekend warrior. Level Red? Ha! I laugh in your face. Let’s mow!

4 Comments on “Level Red, Smchevel Red”

  1. ((Tries Camille’s Beer))

    Barf! Ack! This stuff taste like pond moss!

    Where the hell’s the Coor’s Light?! Let’s make some margaritas! 🙂

  2. See? Corey knows! But then again, Corey is currently living in my favorite town in Texas, so we have more than just beer in common!