America the Beautiful

Somehow, this little article made today even more beautiful than it looks to be. All respects to Dallas Morning News’ Rod Dreher and The Corner on National Review Online, as this is reposted without their permission. (Source)

A friend of mine here in Dallas sent me the following account, from a woman at his church, of her nephew’s military funeral in his small Texas town. He died serving America in Iraq. My friend sent photographs showing what the woman describes below. I wish I could post them. To see the somber faces of schoolchildren standing on the side of the road, watching the hearse go by, holding Old Glory in one hand and having the other hand on their hearts, is moving beyond words.

Here’s an excerpt from the soldier’s aunt. I apologize for the length, but you need to read this:

When we turned off the highway suddenly there were teenage boys along both sides of the street about every 20 feet or so, all holding large American flags on long flag poles, and again with their hands on their hearts. We thought at first it was the Boy Scouts or 4H Club or something, but it continued — for two and a half miles. Hundreds of young people, standing silently on the side of the road with flags. At one point we passed an elementary school, and all the children were outside, shoulder to shoulder holding flags — kindergartners, handicapped, teachers, staff, everyone. Some held signs of love and support. Then came teenage girls and younger boys, all holding flags. Then adults. Then families. All standing silently on the side of the road. No one spoke, not even the very young children. The last few turns found people crowded together holding flags or with their hands on their hearts. Some were on horseback.

The military presence — at least two generals, a fist full of colonels, and representatives from every branch of the service, plus the color guard which attended James, and some who served with him — was very impressive and respectful, but the love and pride from this community who had lost one of their own was the most amazing thing I’ve ever been privileged to witness.

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