Month: June 2003

Triple Cursed

I swear I’m triple cursed to being the victim of people who have no manners. Why? Because I’m exceptionally polite. Why? I have identified three main reasons.I’m from the South. I was raised in a small town, just up the road from my great-grandmother as well as my grandmother & grandfather. Translation: If I acted …

Creating a Sideblog

Having seen some great “sideblogs” across the internet (Christine’s Crumbs, Movablog’s Asides, and many others) I’m inspired to add a Sideblog to my own MT-powered blog. Anders created a short “how-to” for those who are not using php and it has inspired me to create a php version here.

Hang in there

Merrin is having a tough day today. She just called me with some potentially upsetting news. I’m on pins & needles waiting for her 1:00p meeting. All I can say is hang in there, sweetheart. I love ya!