Month: May 2003

Self-employed? Small business? How ’bout a free SUV

This has to be one of the best kept secrets of the tax reforms passed last year and (again) this year. I suspect that it will not survive into next year, mainly because people keep taking advantage of the “loophole” that has all the Democrats mad as hornets. The two California Senators tried to limit …

Vacation Update

So we’re three days into the vacation and this is my first legitimate opportunity to spend some quality time with high-speed access. I’m in such withdrawal! I’m not even kidding. Merrin is worse – she gets the shakes sometimes if I even mention “comput…” – just to be safe I won’t finish that word.


The vacation is FINALLY here and I need a little help. (Being a guy, that’s very hard to admit!) Merrin and I need someone to show us how to turn off the computers. I heard you can do this…somehow. Anyone? Bueller? Anyone? The dogs are on holiday with Granny and we’re off to the land …