I miss my friends

I got a call last night from Kelly, Nancy & the gang from over @ Beechwood. They were out having drinks and wanted me to come along to play in their reindeer games. I really wanted to, but it just wasn’t a good idea last night.

I really miss those guys. I love my job, but I really miss the people I used to work with. It was such a special little group. I really do love them all and I really did love working with them. I wish I could turn back the clock, sometimes.

I made them promise that they’ll call me again next time and I know that they will, but I really do miss ’em.

Raise a glass, everybody! Here’s to the good, old days! (photo link)

One Comment on “I miss my friends”

  1. At my last job we went to happy hour almost every friday at Hooters in Plano and had a blast. Unfortunately, after Shelby and I quit, they quit speaking to us. πŸ™ Shows what kind of friends they were though. Oh well!