Merrin’s Favorite Game

My wife has a favorite game. Perhaps you’ve played it before.

Take 45-50 cds and jewel cases. Remove two cds from their respective jewel cases and swap them so that cd “A” is in jewel case “B”. Repeat for all 50 cds.

For you true pros out there (like Merrin), you can play this game with 200 or more cds! I think the current record is swapping out over 230 cds & cases, but I wouldn’t know. Like I said, my wife is the pro!

3 Comments on “Merrin’s Favorite Game”

  1. Ahhhh. It’s all part of my evil plot to prevent you from listening to my music! Besides, I know exactly where all the CD’s are! Ha!

  2. Oh this is one of my favorite games too! I like to think of it as my speciality in the little ways to annoy your husband olympics.