2 Comments on “BIG KEV’S COLLEGE Top 5”

  1. You wouldn’t have the FSU win over Iowa State if there had been instant replay and/or the refs had made the right call. Ahead of OU? Uhhhh…no. Tisk, tisk, tisk.

  2. I think re-watching the ISU/FSU game would show 4 bad calls against FSU (1 negating a touchdown) and 2 bad calls that hurt ISU. FSU did what they always do coming into the year, they drank their own Kool-Aid and believed the hype. I think subsequent drummings of Virgina & Maryland proved the point. Besides, no one plays more teams that went to bowls last year than the ‘Noles (9). If you struggle against a legit top 25 in your opener, I give you some slack. If you struggle against, say, Tulsa – you get no props. :wink