Month: September 2002


Congratulations to Brian & Courtney!!Tonight’s the night that I found out that I am going to be an uncle. Imagine that – me…an uncle. Sure, I’ve been called a “monkey’s uncle” before, but to be a real live uncle…wow!I couldn’t be happier for my brother & his wife. That kid is going to get two …

I saw this on The Screen Savers this afternoon and thought it was awesome! The “Site of the Night” was offers older (legacy) versions of some of the internet’s most popular freeware. Need an old version of Instant Messenger, Real Player, or Internet Explorer? is your place!


Big Kev’s College Top 5 (LAST WEEK’S TOP 5)Rounding out the top ten (in order): Texas, Florida, Notre Dame, Oregon, Georgia. For fun, here are my two “sleeper” teams: NC State and Iowa State. (Hey, laugh now if you want, but bookmark this entry and check back in late December, sucker!)

I see!

“I see!” said the blind man.Boy, back in elementary school, that was the punchline to some seriously funny jokes. Today, it’s just months away from becoming a reality.Researchers with Sandia National Labs are working to add the final touches to a microchip implant that would give sight to the blind. According to the details on …