Friday Five

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1. What is your lineage? Where are your ancestors from? This is an ironic topic, as my Dad & I spent about 8 hours working on moving the family tree back yet another generation. I think we’re back 8 generations on his side (both his father’s and his mother’s). We still have a way’s to go on my mother’s line, but I’m getting off the point. My ancestors come from Ireland and Scotland.

2. Of those countries, which would you most like to visit? I would love to go to Ireland.

3. Which would you least like to visit? Why? Well, given that I only had two choices, I guess it would be Scotland. But that’s not really true. I would like to go Scotland, but I would love to go to Ireland.

4. Do you do anything during the year to celebrate or recognize your heritage? I celebrate St. Patrick’s day. Does that count?

5. Who were the first ancestors to move to your present country (parents, grandparents, etc)? We’re 99% sure that John Donoho was my first American immigrant ancestor. He came from Ireland prior to the American Revolution.

Happy Friday!