Month: July 2002

We now continue with our regularly scheduled life, already in progress

So it was back to work yesterday without the fuss & fun of having my parents in town with us. It was weird actually. I’ve been going so fast for two straight weeks. First there was the 6 days of convention and then, immidiately upon my return, my parents were in town for 10 days. …

The Final Day

Last day @ NBTA and it has been a great week. Today’s featured speaker was Rudy Guiliani. He followed yesterday’s train wreck of a performance by VP Al Gore. (Barf!) The trade show has been fairly productive, but have gotten a lot more accomplished in networking sessions and through my pre-set appointments. I think that …

Oh, I see.

This past weekend I lamented my lack of understanding for our current “ozone warning” system. Well, like clockwork has put out the call and the global media has responded. Turns out you can see the a Map of Current Ozone Levels for Dallas-Fort Worth. Still confused? Check the different warning levels here.

Cool Tool

Here’s a great little program from r2 studios in Australia. It’s called “Hide Outlook” and it basically allows outlook to run in your system tray when minimized. This is a great thing if you run a lot of apps at once. There is also a version for Outlook Express.