Friday Five

Questions courtesy of Friday Five:

1. Hey, baby, what’s your sign? Do you think it fits you pretty well?
Gemeni. I don’t believe in all that, but yeah – I think it fits me. I have (at least!) two sides to my personality.

2. What’s the worst birthday gift you’ve ever received?
I don’t recall any terrible gifts. Sometimes I get things that I can’t (or won’t) use, but I can generally return them. No one ever seems to get too upset about it. I guess I’m lucky.

3. What’s the best birthday gift you’ve ever received?
Again, I don’t know. Merrin gives great gifts. My mom & both mother-in-laws actually are good gift givers too. Merrin got me concert tickets one year, and that was awesome. I think we got one another Buffett tickets one year, too.

4. What’s the best way you’ve celebrated your birthday thus far?
I’m a homebody. I like just having everybody together. Merrin & I celebrate our birthdays together since they’re one day apart. I think just being with everyone is the best way to celebrate. And drinking, lot’s of drinking.

5. What are your plans for this weekend?
I’m gonna scour the internet and try to find out the correct time to plant some bushes in our back yard. I also plan on doing some home repairs and working on a couple of internet sites for clients. And, if now is the right time to plant, I guess I’ll be digging some holes this weekend. Hope your weekend turns out great, too!