This or That

Questions courtesy of Ashley @

1. January or July?
July. Yeah, it’s like Africa hot here in Texas, but it’s great golf weather.

2. Email or letters?
Email. My wife loves to write letters. I like the concept of mail, I just hate all the writing.

3. Milk or orange juice?
Orange juice. Everyday if I can.

4. Brunette or blond?
Brunette. Definately brunette. I’m a brunette. My wife’s a brunette. I dated a couple of blondes, but brunettes have always caught my eye.

5. Digital or film camera?
Digital all the way, baby! I got a Canon camera for Christmas and I took more pictures than I ever have. I love it. (PS – Thank you, Santa Merrin, for my camera!!)

6. Camping or hotel?
Working for a four & five star resort company has it’s perks! Everyone should always seek out Starwood Hotels & Resorts: Westin, Sheraton, W, St. Regis, Luxury Collection, and Four Points by Sheraton.

7. Pencil or pen?
Pen. Who has time for mistakes?

8. Rollerblading or roller skating?
Huh? The closest I’ve actually come to either recently was a 5th grade roller-skating party.

9. Fly or drive?
I’m a convert here. While I still love the “Holiday Road” like any die-hard Clark Griswald fan, my wife has taught me the greatness of flying.

10. White or black?