This or That

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This or That?
1. Picnic on the beach or picnic in a park?

I’m not really a picnic person, per se. Too much sand on the beach, too many ants in the park. Since we live in Texas, I guess I’ll go with park.

2. Atlantic ocean or Pacific?

Are you kidding? Atlantic, baby. Why? One word -> Bahamas.

3. Museum or the ballet?
Museum. Hands down. I can appreciate a museum. Espcially when its art or history. Not all art – like crappy modern art where someone throws up on the floor and calls it art – but I do like most art.

4. Lots of pillows on the bed, or just a few?
I’m married. I have no say what so ever in the bedroom.

5. Home body or not?
Mostly a home body. Besides, you don’t have to put up with people coughing/talking/cellphones during your movie. And, we’ve got a better sound system than most theaters, so….

6. Introverted or extroverted?
Very extroverted.

7. Sunrise or sunset?

8. Do you prefer ceiling fans or light fixtures?
Fans. They’re functional and can be very attractive. And, I prefer lamps, so a light on the ceiling wouldn’t cut it in most cases.

9. Lions or tigers or bears?
Oh my! I guess I like lions better than the other two, although as a kid I would always prefer tigers. Especially white tigers. No. Go back. Change my vote. Put me down for tigers.

10. The Beatles or The Monkees?
The Monkees are more fun and The Beatles are a beating at times. Who cares who’s the walrus, anyway?! Given a choice, I’d take the O-neders!