Friday Five

Questions courtesy of Friday Five – answers courtesy of my life!

1. Have you ever had braces? Any other teeth trauma?
I had braces through most of high school. Doesn’t everyone want to be wearing braces during their senior pictures?! After that, I had a retainer with two metal spikes. They looked like snakes fangs, actually. These “fangs” were to help control my tounge thrust. (Obligatory childish comments omitted).

2. Ever broken any bones?
No. I always wanted to so everyone could sign my cast. I thought I might have two years ago when I fell off the ladder installing the satellite dish!

3. Ever had stitches?
Stiches? Yeah, I got those! I got a few in my lip (inside my mouth!) when I get hit in the mouth during a little league game. I got a few more stitches when I had my appendix removed as a kid.

4. What are the stories behind some of your [physical] scars?
I really don’t have too many scars. Maybe I’m unbreakable.

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend?
I have a date tonight with my wife. That’s really a treat because we don’t get to just relax and have a date too often anymore. Golf tomorrow morning and who knows what tomorrow night. Sunday is the Mavericks vs. Lakers game. We have Cheryl over to watch Six Feet Under and have dinner. We might catch some Super Bowl commercials on Tivo.