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AP Weekly Tracking College Football Poll

Coaches Weekly Tracking College Football Poll

Also, big news on the college football blog front, Fanblogs has migrated almost all of our 100 plus college football RSS feeds to FeedBurner. It was really a simple decision.

FeedBurner will give Fanblogs the ability to accurately & uniformly measure our RSS traffic, plus it offers the ability to throttle down the bandwidth pull. I also hope that FeedBurner will give us the ability to monetize the feeds in the future.

The stats feature is the single biggest benefit of migrating to FeedBurner. With 100+ feeds to move, I thought long and hard about what was the right tool. The guys at FeedBurner were fantastic, walking me through the process and helping to automate since we had so many feeds to load.

Now all of my blogs have their feeds hosted at FeedBurner. Do yours??