Whacker Viagra

I picked up a Grass Gator for my weed-eater this weekend at Lowe’s. I put it on and it transformed my lame electric whacker into a full-on implement of garden death. Seriously. No more puny bump and trim, no sir. Now I’ve got more slicing power than a samurai village. I had to be a little careful with it, as I was afraid it might just rip through the fence or bust up the driveway.

If your whacker is puny, check out the ginsu knife goodness of the Grass Gator. Just be careful where you point that thing.

5 thoughts on “Whacker Viagra”

  1. Sounds like something I could use! But, doesn’t the instruction manual discourage the use of foreign objects being stuck on to the WeedWhacker? Is it okay to break the law? I can do whatever the hell I like to my WeedWhacker and not kill myself because I disobeyed?

    When the heck did I trade in diamonds for Grass Gator? sheeyat.

  2. First and foremost, I have *no idea* what the instruction manual might say. I’m a guy. I threw it out unopened. Duh! C’mon, PT!

    The Grass Gator is a replacement for your spool. You remove the spool and replace it with said ginsu whacking attachment. It’s not permanent, so you could always go back to a spool, but…why?

  3. Why put the mundane standard single line spoolie thing back on?

    Maybe because I’m scared the ginzu-sharp attachment might come flying off at a break-neck speed and cut something off my body, that’s why.

    But…Kevin, I trust you, even if you’re a law breaker. I bet you even pulled the tags off your pillows and mattress.


  4. It should be noted, if only for purposes of comedy because it’s 3:00AM, that the consumer is allowed to remove those tags.

    And, I don’t have a yard, but I might buy one of those things just because every man should have a wacker of the weeds.

  5. Just wait until the People who Eat Tiny Animals come to your house to protest your abuse of unwilling reptiles in your relentless botanical tyranny.

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