Floor guy

I’ve got a guy scheduled to come out tomorrow to measure the main rooms of the house for installing laminate flooring. You heard that right – tomorrow…a Saturday…during the college football season. That’s how serious I am about getting this done. Merrin & I have been wanting to install laminate floors since we bought the house, but we’re just now getting around to it (ie. able to afford it without touching savings/credit).

I wanted to do it myself and save the install, but I’ve come around to Merrin’s way of thinking that having it done professionally (ie. the right way) will be worth it in time & resale.

2 thoughts on “Floor guy”

  1. At first, I was really sort of depressed for poor Kevin who had to resort to scheduling the floor guy on a CFS.

    Then I noticed he’s only measuring rooms today.

    That can’t take that long, plus it’s inside where the TVs are, and, I seem to recall Kevin’s bragged about having MulTivo, so he’s not gonna miss anything anyway.

    Dead ball foul – overstated football viewing impairment on number KD.

    Five yards from the previous spot, still second down.

  2. Good point, but –hey– I could be watching games @ Hooters, so…

    That being said, I can’t begin to imagine how many games (and bowl games!) I’d miss if I were doing it myself!!!!

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