Understanding Red & Blue Politics

With all the talk about red states and blue states in this year’s election coverage, it’s hard to remember which is which. Red states tend to vote Republican (ie Texas) and blue states tend to vote Democrat (ie California). Here’s somewhat humorous but accurate rundown of what life is like in each .

In blue state meetings everyone seems to curse, while in red state meetings people say “friggin’.” Blue state businesspeople are profligate smudgers of the work-life boundary, while in my experience red staters are much more protective of their family time. Blue staters tend to be provocative — they pride themselves on shaking up a meeting by saying something outrageous, while red staters are more respectful of hierarchy and tradition.

Put another way – Bush once said: “To you, it’s sushi. To me, it’s bait.”

3 thoughts on “Understanding Red & Blue Politics”

  1. That is the best quote from President Bush ever. I love it, makes me miss Texas a wee bit more. I’m in the middle too, but leaning right. But I dunno why knowing that Lee Greenwood is a singer/songwriter and that the UP is a common term for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan makes be more one way or the other.

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