I have an exceptional wife

I think it’s time we revisit the much overlooked topic of just how freakin’ great my wife is. These last few weeks have been trying for her because I’ve been a horse’s ass more than once. But, for whatever reason, she’s been nothing but nice. In fact, she’s basically been taking care of my every single need. Little stuff that can easily go overlooked, but hasn’t and shouldn’t.

For example, a new washcloth laid out next to my sink. I certainly could have gotten my own (and have for years), but there it was none the less. She said, “Hey, my husband – despite being a horse’s ass from time to time – needs a new washcloth.”

Another example, we have a generally agreeable split of household chores. Her’s are more substantial and infinitely messier than mine, but it’s agreeable to the two of us. Well, she’s been doing a lot more than her “fair share”. Why? Because she knows I kinda needed some latitude for a couple days. Does she bitch at me? Nope. Now, she may wait until I’m not looking to roll her eyes at me or something, but she hasn’t been hard on me about it – even though she should have.

My wife deserves the best. She hasn’t gotten it from me lately. I guess you can make the argument that she’s had to settle for years – nearly ten years to be accurate. But I don’t like that argument, so you hush with it.

Merrin deserves nice things and thoughtful touches. So today, I replaced the batteries in her Tivo remote. They’ve been dead for awhile and I’m sure she’s asked me to do it before. I realize that little things can mean a lot. They can add up to more than the big things.

I love my wife dearly and -again with the ten years thing- she always makes me feel loved. I know we say it a lot, but maybe sometimes it can mean more than other times. So, here goes: I love you, Merrin.

9 thoughts on “I have an exceptional wife”

  1. did you really type “her Tivo remote”? The only way I got control of the tivo remote was because Hubby programmed it into the big-ass universal one he’s got. Now we just play “who’s got the faster trigger finger?”

  2. We realized a loooonnnngggg time ago that we have to maintain separate Tivos in order to maintain the peace. I’m fairly certain it’s the key to a long-lasting marriage.

  3. Kevin,

    That is really sweet to say about Merrin. Last night in fact, after reading that entry I talked to my wife about her leaving me voicemail’s, after reading the other entry on how you guys save those voicemail’s. You guys are great people, and some very good friends. You two are special. Good Job with the batteries.

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