Most exciting news ever!!!!!!

OK. I can hardly contain myself. I am (quite literally) telling everyone I know.

I heard a commercial on the radio today for…(drumroll, a la Clark Griswold)… Beef O’Brady’s. Are you listening to a word I’m saying?! A commercial…today…for Beef O’Brady’s. You know what this means don’t you?! There are Beef O’Brady’s in the D/FW area!!!

So I checked the website and there are all kinds of locations opening here! McKinney, Arlington, Keller, North Richland Hills.

Hey, all you franchise owners…two words…FLOWER MOUND! I swear to everything holy I’ll see you twice weekly.

For those not currently worshipping at the throne of Beef O’Brady’s: Seriously, check out this place. Best wings & beer…ever.

(Ha! Take that DFW Blogger! Scooped ya!)

7 thoughts on “Most exciting news ever!!!!!!”

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  2. Court – you’re just hating ‘cuz now we can go every week, too!

    J-Dog – maybe we can go this week with the wife out of town. Boy’s gotta eat.

  3. BEEFS! We want one!

    We haven’t found a good wing place here. We have a friend in Tampa that owned two of them at one time.

    I understand your excitement, even if the other readers don’t.

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