AAA Diamond Hotel Standards

Sometimes I get asked just what’s the difference between a a three, four, or five diamond hotel. Well, quite a bit actually. While some of the differences are more difficult to manage, there are standards to how AAA ratings are determined.

Personally, I think the AAA standard process is very good, and it changes with the market conditions. As more hotels target “upscale” companies & guests, the upper level diamond designations have become more stringent. I would like to see a “tweener” category created, though, because I’ve seen some variations from one four-diamond hotel to another. My suggestion would be to slightly relax the five-diamond, make it the “tweener”, and then make a “Platinum” or similar designation available for the finest hotels.

This seems too much like work, so I’m off to cut some grass. Wait, that sounds like work, too. Well…you know what I mean.